About the Conference

We are pleased to announce the Conference  entitled “Journalism, Society and Politics in the Digital Media Era”.

The conference is organized jointly by the Advanced Media Institute, the Open University (Cyprus), the Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community at Bournemouth University (UK), and the Laboratory of Research in New Economy and Development at University Hassan II Casablanca (Morocco), with the support of the Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol, Cyprus, at the premises of which the conference will be hosted.

This interdisciplinary conference aims to bring academics and professional journalists to discuss and compare the impact of technology on the relationship between journalism, politics and economics in terms of societies /communities. The conference will further discuss advances in digital journalism and its implications on news production, journalism practices, news sources, journalism content and consumption behavior.
We are particularly interested in papers that examine the interplay between digital journalism and the political environments at various levels – from autocratic to democratising and democratic levels. The aim is to compile and contrast professional and academic perspectives on the normative roles and practices of digital journalism in varied contexts.

We invite scholars from different disciplines, including media and communication studies, sociology, political science, economics, cultural studies, and anthropology to take part in the discussion. Among the aims of the conference is the publication of an edited volume, with selected contributions from its participants.

Abstracts of papers are sought on topics that fit into one or more of the following themes:

1. Journalism, Politics and Democracy in the Digital Media Era

  • Surveillance and freedom of speech in the digital age
  • Digital journalism in authoritarian, transitional and democratic societies
  • The impact of political structures on digital media systems
  • Trust in journalism and politics in the digital media era
  • Digital journalism, social media and political engagement
  • New forms of political communication in the digital age
  • Media literacy, activism and democracy

2. Digital Journalism, Ethics and Society

  • The normative functions of digital journalism in society
  • Digital journalism, social capital and social cohesion
  • Digital journalists’ ideologies and role perceptions
  • Journalism ethics in the digital media era
  • Citizen and community journalism in the digital media era

3. Marketing and Economics in the Digital Media Era

  • Journalism and media ownership in the digital age
  • Digital journalism and economic development
  • Social marketing in the digital media era
  • Mobile advertising and sponsored / branded content

4. Digital Journalism: Funding, Practices and Content

  • Newsroom structures in the digital media era
  • Paywalls and crowdsourcing in the digital age
  • Digital storytelling and social media use by journalists
  • Big data and user behaviour analytics

5. Journalism and Audiences in the Digital Media Era

  • Audiences’ formations and structures in the digital age
  • Digital news consumption patterns in various contexts
  • Levels of media literacy in different profiles of users
  • Ethnography of online journalism audiences
  • Citizenship and public opinion in the digital age